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Sienna and Jude: Feelings?

I try to avoid celebrity gossip on here, but I can’t resist talking about one of my favorite couples – Sienna and Jude. I tend to root for the typically unpopular couples – for example, although I felt bad for Jen, I do believe that Angelina and Brad are perfect for each other. Does that make me a bad person?

So once again, although Jude did cheat on Sienna once upon a time (and is known as a womanizer) – I still think they are meant to be. I think Jude must have been truly sorry for what he did in order for Sienna to go back to him, and must have showed it as well. I don’t think this is Sienna being weak, as some people are saying.

Just look at how cute they are…

A recent photo of Sienna and Jude kissing.

Some oldies:


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Where can I get this?

I desperately want one of these Chanel shirts.

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An Interesting Take On False Eyelashes

How cool are these false eyelashes made from Paperself? I don’t know what I would ever wear them to… but I want them anyway.

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Booties For Fall

Sadly enough, I have yet to own a pair of booties – I totally missed the season last year. However, I am driven to buy a pair for this fall. I don’t think they’ve really started coming out yet because it is still summer, but I found a few cute pairs from Steve Madden.

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Bringing Friendship Bracelets Back

A recent post on talked about how friendship bracelets are coming back… but more in the form of necklaces and belts.

I would take them in any way, shape, or form. My sophomore year of high school, friendship bracelets were my thing. I knew every stitch and had an entire box of different colored thread. Me and my friends would sit for hours creating these friendship bracelets, and we even sold them at school fairs. By junior year, we decided we needed to grow up a little and stopped our friendship creating business.

A few weeks ago while browsing through Michael’s (the craft store), I saw the thread I used and suddenly had the urge to buy some. But, knowing I wouldn’t wear friendship bracelets at the age of 21, I resisted. However, thanks to this article, I have now found new creative ways to wear friendship “bracelets”, so I might have to make another trip to Michael’s…


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Lookbook Favorites 7.25.10

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Caroline’s Chanel Boots

Love this photo that Caroline Blomst put on her blog of herself.

Check out her blog for backstage coverage of Haute Couture week in Paris: Caroline’s Mode

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