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Music Icon: Lily Allen

I don’t even know where to start. Lily Allen is not only a Music Icon but an Icon for me in general. I started listening to her a few months ago. Again, I discovered how much I like her to thanks to Pandora. The first song of hers that I downloaded is Littlest Things”. And it still remains one of my favorites. Last night I not only went to her concert at The House of Blues in Boston but I also went backstage and met her… but I’ll get to that later. 


I love Lily Allen because she is no a no-bullshit girl. Not only does she not care what she looks like to the public or for the paparazzi, but in her songs, she sings about whatever she wants and feels and she doesn’t worry if it’s the slightest bit inappropriate or not. And all of her songs are definitely not PG. Most of the time, she talks about sex and drugs. She even has a song called “F*ck You” – which I definitely recommend. One song “Him” asks if God has ever done smack, “Everyone’s At It” talks about adolescents doing crack and taking prozac, and “Not Fair” talks about boys being bad in bed. However, all these songs are extremely catchy and you will find yourself singing them without even realizing it and you’ll be singing verses like “There’s just one thing / That’s getting in the way / When we go up to bed you’re just no good / It’s such a shame / I look into your eyes / I want to get to know you / And then you make this noise / And it’s apparent its all over”. And then you realize what you’re actually saying… and it’s kind of funny. 


So, her concert was absolutely amazing.I think it was the best live concert I have ever seen. A lot of performers suck at singing live – but Lily’s voice was amazing and sounded just like the recorded versions. AND she smoked 5 cigarettes while singing, and she sang beautifully! Not just anyone can pull that off. She came out wearing this cute little red costume with red stockings (or “red sox” as she pointed out) and a Red Sox baseball hot. Then she came out wearing a white dress with a giant lobster on it. After the first few songs her stockings started falling down so she had someone come out and use big white tape to tape them to her legs. 

Lily then had a bean eating competition between two random girls she pulled on stage. However, one girl was an absolute joke and when she got on stage, she started striking poses and would not eat the beans. So Lily kept on yelling at her “to eat the f*cking beans”. I know this sounds really weird – but what else do you expect from Lily Allen?


Then we got to go backstage !! Thanks again to Holly  and Matti and their amazing hookups. We were the first ones to meet her – we were escorted by her assistant right to Lily’s dressing room. She came out wearing baggy jeans, a white tank top, no bra, and no shoes. But she was the nicest person ever. She was so real and talked to us like we were normal people and not just star-struck fans (which we were). She told us how she stays up til 4 am talking with the band and staff and then sleeps until two in the afternoon and then has rehearsals around five. Also, for the record, Lily Allen does an extraordinary impression of Sarah Palin – no joke. She put on a whole show for us – reciting all the famous Sarah Palin quotes in a perfect Palin accent. She went on like that for a good 10 minutes. I honestly can’t remember everything we talked about because I was so shocked to be standing two inches from her – but I know that she couldn’t be more real and down to earth. 

Anyway, here are some songs that you have to download (I’ve listed a few of them previously): The Fear, Littlest Things, Everyone’s At It, Not Fair, Him, I Could Say, and 22. These are all off the new album “It’s Not Me, It’s you” except for “Littlest Things”. I personally like this album better than the last but her first album – “Alright, Still” – is definitely worth listening to as well. 

I’m going to post a video or two of her performance when I finish editing it… so be on the watch out for that!


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Music Icon: Sia

2566_by_siaMost people don’t know much about Sia except that she’s Australian and bisexual. But there really is A LOT more to her than that. She’s actually worked with Zero 7 before she got really famous (her first big hit was “Breathe Me”). I first found “Breathe Me” on an episode of The Hills and instantly downloaded it. Then it was on previews for the show “Intervention” (another favorite of mine). And I recently heard it on a movie’s preview, but I forget which one. Anyway, Sia has a really unique voice but very beautiful. All of her songs are very climactic – especially my current favorite “Soon We’ll Be Found”. Her voice is so amazing and powerful in this song – and you’ve most likely heard it somewhere. Other than that, another favorite of mine is “Taken For Granted” which was her first hit single. This song actually features strings from the ballet Romeo and Juliet – which is also one of my favorite ballet pieces and one I used to dance to. So definitely give her a listen!


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