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Richard Phillips

Nylon Magazine just wrote a blog post about one of Richard Phillips’ newest pieces – a portrait of Kirsten Stewart. This portrait looks very similar to her Nylon Cover (just flipped). See below:

Richard Phillips' Portrait of Kristen Stewart

Kristen's Nylon Cover

What do you think?

These portraits are part of Phillips’ new “Most Wanted” exhibition – in which he paints young Hollywood Icons. Here are few other examples of his work:

See more at

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, you may recognize this painting hanging in the Van Der Woodsen penthouse:


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Carine Roitfeld Says Au Revoir To French Vogue

After 10 years of being the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, one of my favorite people and style icons, Carine Roitfeld, has decided to leave. Stating she has left to pursue “personal projects”, many are still unsure of the real reasons she left. Some are saying it was because she was being influenced by certain designers and brands to feature their collections in the magazine, but that is only speculation.

Carine Roitfled has really shaped what French Vogue is today. Although Paris has always been the fashion capitol of the world, Carine set a whole new tone for fashion with her risqué editorials featuring nudity and models smoking. She basically created the way the world sees France and its powerful influence on fashion. And since becoming Editor-in-Cheif, she has increased the magazines circulation by nearly 45% in the last ten years, even in this horrible economy

Although they are still deciding on who will take her place, it looks like French Vogue’s Fashion Director, Emmanuelle Alt is the runner-up. I find it hard to believe that anyone can truly replace Carine Roitfeld and do what she did to French Vogue.

Read an interview Roitfeld did with WWD about leaving Vogue here.

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Kate Moss Is Italian and Brunette

Kate Moss for Vogue Italia.


Click here for more photos

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Ashley Smith For Jalouse

Source: Caroline’s Mode

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Material Girl Spread

No, not Madonna’s clothing line… the magazine.

It actually has some great fashion editorials. Check out the Material Girl’s site here.

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Click here for more pictures.

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Daisy Lowe For Blast Magazine

Daisy Lowe is one of my favorite models/people. I think she’s gorgeous and fun and very unique.

Check out the Style Icon post I did on her here.

Here is a photo shoot she did for Blast Magazine.

Source: TheyEnvy.US

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Tush Magazine

I cannot read this magazine because it is in German but I love the photography.

See September’s issue below:

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