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Where was LMFAO all my life?

Thanks to my new Cali friend, Pinkie, I have recently discovered the “band” (well it’s really only two guys) LMFAO. They are definitely a Cali group – but I think everyone would love them. They are truly amazing.

Their most popular songs are:

1. I’m In Miami B*tch

2. Yes

3. Lalala

They also do a great remix of Love Lockdown.

My personal favorite is “Yes”. Here is the music video:

Definitely listen to all their songs though!


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When I grow up…

From the time I was little (and not too little – maybe like middle school) I wanted to grow up to be one of two things. I guess they would be considered unconventional… it’s not something I would say when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. 

Ok so the first thing I wanted to be is a con artist. I wanted to be one of those really hot vixens who make men fall in love with her and then she takes their money (and sometimes kills them). I’ve thought of various scenarios of how I would accomplish this. My inspiration included Catch Me If You Can and Heartbreakers. But I wanted to be a really bad ass con artist too and become really famous. And then in the end I would fall in love with a man I was trying to con and we would live happily ever after. Ok that’s dream number one.

Plan number two isn’t as thought out as the first. But I wanted to be the girlfriend of a mafioso. Or not even a girlfriend… just one of those really hot Italian women who would sit by the pool all day in a bathing suit and with a flick of a finger she could have someone killed. She lives in a huge mansion in Italy (owned by the Italian mafia) with a million body guards and little kids running around. And she only wears clothes made  by Gucci and Prada. My inspiration for this came mostly from The Sopranos and The Godfather.

Ok so as you can see, both scenarios would probably send me to prison in reality. However, a girl can dream right?

Note: By no means am I violent person and in no way do I condone killing people. These are just silly thoughts of an imaginative  thirteen year old. My current major does not include weaponry nor do I have any connection to the mafia. 

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Must Download These Songs!

Ok thanks to pandora (again) I have found two AMAZING songs… definitely check them out!

1. The Fear – Lily Allen (this song is pretty popular – but if you don’t know it you should!)

2. Where Does The Good Go – Tegan and Sara (this song was on Grey’s so obviously I’d like it)

Lily Allen is also coming to House of Blues in Boston on April 19th!! But tickets are sold out… ughh I wish I heard about it sooner.

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Kristen Stewart on Nylon TV

Ok by now you guys must have realized that I really love Kristen Stewart. (A Style Icon post about her is in the making!) My favorite magazine out there is probably Nylon Magazine. And they do a fabulous job with interviews, photo shoots, fashion, music, and everything in between. I definitely recommend picking up the newest issue with Kristen Stewart on it. Anyway, Nylon Magazine also has ‘Nylon TV’ which you can find on their website. It has a bunch of different things from interviews with bands, videos of New York Fashion Week, and live photo shoots. So, here is a clip from the photo shoot and interview with Kristen Stewart.

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The top 10 things I must have in my wardrobe at all times

1. Little black dresses. I would be lost without them. I can’t get enough and will most likely buy one when I see one even though they already take up half my closet. And I’m currently broke.

2. Black spandex. I live in spandex – I have three pairs of regular black spandex, one pair of black flare spandex, one pair of black shiny spandex, one pair of green flare spandex, one pair of gray flare spandex, and one pair of regular brown spandex. I truly have an obsession.

3. Mary Jane High Heels. I have one peep toe and one regular pump. The peep toe is my entire life – I wear that pretty much every weekend and it’s already getting worn. I dread the day when I have to replace them.

4. Long sweaters. Living in Boston, I have collected many long sweaters and cardigans over the years – black, purple, blue, brown – you name it, I have it.

5. My cowboy boots. When searching for cowboy boots after I found out I needed them for Sweet Home Delta Gamma, I found the perfect pair at Bakers. We have been attached ever since.

6. H&M scarfs. There never comes a day in Boston when I am not wearing either my gray, black, or pink H&M scarf. (Sometimes I will whip out my green and gold patterned pashmena I got off the streets in New York). But H&M scarfs are the best.

7. Stud earrings. I never go out in public without my studs on. Either pearl or diamond (both fake of course). And I rarely wear long earrings except my gold chandelier ones from Urban. This is mostly because the guy messed up my right ear when I got it pierced when I was 4 years old and the hole is too close to the bottom – so if I wear too heavy earrings, my hole will eventually rip. Gross, I I know.

8. Dresses. Yes, LBDs are my fave but any kind of dress will do. In the summer I live in dresses (I don’t do shorts). And winter dresses like sweater dressers are also a favorite of mine.

10. Bobby pins/butterfly clips. I hardly ever wear my hair down by itself. It’s almost always pinned or clipped back in someway when it’s down.

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Favorite Photographer: Pamela Hanson

If you’ve ever been in either my bedroom in New York or Boston, you’ve seen the poster of the woman sitting in a chair, putting on lipstick, with her legs up on the table facing a mirror and a shirtless man behind her staring into the mirror. Although everyone, and I mean everyone, proclaims that she’s not wearing underwear and the man is staring into the mirror at her you-know-what, I disagree. I like to think that he’s staring at her face and thinking about how beautiful she is. Maybe that’s my hopeless romanticism coming out but I refuse to believe this photograph is perverted in any way. This is my favorite photograph ever and I planned to frame it and have it in my future apartment for ever and ever. Here is the best picture I could get of it online:

pamela hanson photo

Pamela Hanson is the photographer as you can see, and I’ve done a lot of research on her work and hope to collect more posters of hers in the future. Her pictures are definitely risqué but not in a raunchy way, which I like. She does a lot of fashion photography and has photographed many celebrities as well. Here are a few of my favorites of hers:





Although these are all in black and white, she does a lot of color photography as well. To see more pictures of hers go to


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Twilight Vanity Fair Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from the Vanity Fair shoot that the Twilight cast members did. I posted an overly-dramatic video of the photo shoot earlier under the title “There are no words.” 





Click here for a great interview with Kristen Stewart from the issue. 

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