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Free People Favorites

Free People has some great new things this season. Definitely check out their stockings and leg warmers – they are to die for.


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Thanks to my friend Sarah, I recently found a great online shopping site based in the UK – They have EVERYTHING and for extremely good prices – a dress can easily be 25 euros and a clutch can be 10. They also have great shipping prices for all around the world.

I saved a few pictures of some things I liked. also recreates clothing that celebrities have worn. They just featured Rachel Bilsonclick here to see what they have recommended and recreated from a recent cover shoot.

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Techno… My Guilty Pleasure

I’ll admit it, I do have a sore spot for techno music. Especially the classic euro-techno. Just listening to it will get me excited for anything. Here is my newest techno obsession: “Hot” by Inna.

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Sacre Coeur Fashion Illustration

The Sacre Coeur/Monmartre is probably my favorite place to go in all of Paris. It’s absolutely beautiful – day or night. I turned 21 on the steps of Sacre Couer and I am going there this weekend! So, when I came across this illustration by Nicole Jarecz, I fell in love.

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Jean Shorts And Black Tights Are Out!

It’s getting to the point where I can’t walk down the street without seeing someone sporting the “denim jeans and black tights” look. Worn with a t-shirt or blouse, flats, boots, or heels, this look is way past it’s prime. It was a cute look for fall, but it has been way over done – time to move on! Hopefully there will be another trend soon having to do with pants/legs so we can get rid of this one.

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Behind The Scenes Of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show With Elle

Click here to read the article at

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H&M’s Fashion Studio

While browsing through H&M online, I found the most amazing thing – it’s digital fashion studio! You can literally create your own outfits with a bunch of H&M’s dresses, pants, skirts, leggings, bags, accessories, shoes, etc! I spent an hour on this site fooling around instead of doing a paper – whoops.

Check it out here!

Not only is it so much fun to create your own outfits from head to toe – but if you see something you really like you can put together a whole look based around it and then simply order it online. And H&M’s winter collection is absolutely fabulous.

This is seriously is the best ‘game’ for the fashion obsessed. It’s kind of like Barbie for girls over 12.

Here are a few looks I played around with.


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