Bringing Friendship Bracelets Back

A recent post on talked about how friendship bracelets are coming back… but more in the form of necklaces and belts.

I would take them in any way, shape, or form. My sophomore year of high school, friendship bracelets were my thing. I knew every stitch and had an entire box of different colored thread. Me and my friends would sit for hours creating these friendship bracelets, and we even sold them at school fairs. By junior year, we decided we needed to grow up a little and stopped our friendship creating business.

A few weeks ago while browsing through Michael’s (the craft store), I saw the thread I used and suddenly had the urge to buy some. But, knowing I wouldn’t wear friendship bracelets at the age of 21, I resisted. However, thanks to this article, I have now found new creative ways to wear friendship “bracelets”, so I might have to make another trip to Michael’s…


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2 responses to “Bringing Friendship Bracelets Back

  1. Chickencheese

    I’m 13 and I’ve been making friendship bracelets for ages- all my friends like them and even my mum asked me to make one for her 🙂 And she does actually wear it- you’re never too old to wear friendship bracelets, surely!

  2. Megan

    I was visiting my mom and sister in Vegas last week and my five year old niece is into making friendship bracelets… she made me two and although I’m going to be 31 on friday, I’m not taking them off!! They’re so cute!!!!

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