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Style Icon: Atlanta De Cadenet

Atlanta De Cadenet is the daughter of actress/photographer Amanda De Cadenet and Duran Duran’s bassist John Taylor. I’ve seen her on multiple street style websites, but always thought she was just a random model. Atlanta also looks A LOT alike Rachel Bilson, and also shares the same hippie style. (Maybe that’s why I like her so much).

She is currently a model and has been featured in French Vogue. I love her accessories – she is always photographed with tons of bangles, bracelets, and fun rings. Atlanta also mixes and matches a lot – florals with denim, blazers with combat boots, fur coats with sneakers, etc. And of course I LOVE her long brown wavy hair.


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Style Icon: Caroline Blomst

A few months ago I came across stylist Carolina Blomst and her blog Caroline’s Mode. I instantly recognized her from – she was always among the “most hyped”.

Being a stylist in Stockholm, she has to have great style – but hers is very unique. In an odd way, Caroline seems to keep the same look and style, while using very different pieces.

She is usually seen in tight black pants or jeans, a stylish t-shirt or tank top, a fur coat or leather jacket, and extremely high boots or crazy pumps. Carolina also has the best accessories – she has this one huge blue stone ring set in gold that I absolutely love and also a silver cross ring.

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Style Icon: Georgia Jagger

Georgia May Jagger is Mick Jagger’s newest daughter to join the modeling world (along with Jade and Elizabeth Jagger). She’s only 17, but she’s already been featured in Vogue Paris, Vogue Russia, and is currently the new face for Hudson Jeans.

I personally think she’s gorgeous – she’s been dubbed ‘”the new Brigitte Bardot” because of her long blonde hair, big eyes, big lips, and the small gap between her teeth. Georgia is the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall – so she’s bound to have amazing looks – just like the rest of Mick’s kids.

Here is Georgia’s spread from Vogue Paris:



Here are some pictures from Vogue Russia:





Here is her campaign for Hudson Jeans:

georgia jagger




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Style Icon: Daisy Lowe

I recently came across a webpage that listed 20 of the Sexiest Rock Star Spawn. (Click here for the link – very interesting!) A few of them I didn’t recognize and Daisy Lowe was one of the. So I immediately did some research because her pictures were so beautiful AND I was surprised to learn that she was Gavin Rossdale’s 20 year old daughter.

Apparently, Daisy didn’t know she was Rossdale’s daughter until she was 16. And wife, Gwen Stefani, was not too thrilled about it. Daisy’s mother actually had an affair with Rossdale and Daisy was brought up believing that her mother’s husband was her biological father. Reminds you a little of Steve Tyler huh? What’s with these surprise rock star daughters?

Anyway, within a matter of seconds, Lowe became a huge style icon for me. She is a model (which I figured out pretty quickly) and has modeled for Chanel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and many other famous designers. She has also graced the editorials of almost every fashion magazine out there – Vogue, Nylon, Elle, Marie Claire, etc.

Perhaps I like her look so much because it reminds me of Lily Allen – very punk with an ‘I don’t care” attitude. She’s also very European looking with that certain “Je ne sais quoi” sex appeal. And Lowe almost always seems to have sex hair. She’s not afraid to use her sexuality and has posed in some very semi-pornographic photos. However, I’ll let you look those up on your own. Anyway, Daisy Lowe has become a big fashion inspiration to me – just by going through her pictures on the web. I have a feeling she’s going to become very popular in The States soon.








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Style Icon: Kat Von D

Kat Von D may not be your typical style icon – she doesn’t attend fashion shows or wear the latest designers but she is iconic in her own way. Instead of being stylish with her clothing, she is stylish with her body. Kat’s body is covered in elaborate tattoos – some designed by herself. Although more permanent, her style is definitely unique and different.

I personally like her facial tattoos – the stars on the side of her eye and the lightning bolt on her cheek. Each tattoo makes up an outfit for Kat… which will take a lifetime to finish. I’ve become a huge fan of her TV show LA Ink (on TLC) – I didn’t watch Miami Ink though. At first sight, you may think Kat is a hardcore “rocker chick” but once you watch the show, you realize how down to earth she actually is. Kat has also written a book “High Voltage Tattoo” which I want to read – it talks about her life, her tattoos, and even has her sketches in it.

Aside from her tattoos, I also love her hair – which she changes frequently. But it’s usually pitch black and layered (obviously I would love it). All in all, Kat Von D is a huge style icon of me.

Check out her webpages at It’s actually beautifully done.







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Style Icon: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is one of my all-time fashion icons. I love her boho chicness, her ‘just rolled out of bed’ hair, and ‘don’t care’ attitude. Perhaps it’s because I just saw her in Factory Girl, but she reminds me of the 60’s/70’s – kind of like a Holly Golightly character. She can just throw on any dress and heels, ruffle her hair, and walk out of her house looking amazing. It’s almost seems like doesn’t she care what she’s wearing – she just puts together anything – but you know she does care because it all looks good.

Actually, Sienna has her own fashion line with her sister Savannah called Twenty8Twelve (which is her birthday). Check out the collections at Her style and her collections are very “London”. Sienna was raised there (although she was born in New York City). And of course, I love her tattoo – the three starts on her shoulder. 

Sienna has a classic look – she’s not just a regular beautiful blonde. She’s also just not another actress who lets people style for her – she styles herself with her unique look and that’s why she’s such a fashion icon for me. 







Here are some more pictures of her that aren’t photo shoots:



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Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

I have been a huge fan of Rachel Bilson ever since the first episode of the OC when she played Summer. She was my favorite character throughout the series – even though she was a complete bitch in the beginning. (Looking back, she kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf). I loved her even more when her and Adam Brody became a couple. However, now she’s engaged to Hayden Christianson

Rachel’s look is bohemian but very sexy. She has a great style sense and she lives in t-shirts, leather jackets, scarfs, and super high heels. She has amazing variety – she could seriously wear anything and it would look good on her. At one point, she wore the same grey t-shirt to at least 3 events (with heels of course). But still, it shows how laid back her style is. Rachel even has her own denim line. I would say that Rachel Bilson is one of my top 3 style icons. 

I also love her hair. Being a HUGE fan of dark – almost black – hair, I’ve always wanted hair like hers. It’s has a perfect wave to it and she even looks good with bangs – side or straight across. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Rachel.








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