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Arrivederci Paris!

This will be my last blog post for October because I’m going to Italy on Friday! But check back early November for lots of new posts !

And just as a final send off… I have to post this amazing picture of Sienna I found. Can this be my wedding dress please?



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Brigitte Bardot

I recently went to an exhibition in Paris called “Exposition Brigitte Bardot: Les annĂ©es “insouciance”.

It’s showing from now until January 31st – so if you are in Paris, you should definitely see it. (It’s only 8 euros). There’s so much to see – you will need at least an hour. The exhibition takes you from her childhood years filled with dance and ballet (complete with photographs and her possessions) to days of stardom. It also has all her magazine covers, various photographs and portraits of her from famous photographers and painters, pictures (and movies) from all her films, and even some of her clothing and costumes.

This exhibition was like someone gathered up every single photograph taken/memorabilia of Brigitte Bardot and put it in this one big gallery. And it has inspired me to watch her films – especially “And God Created Woman…”.




Go to this website for more information on the exhibition:

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Sienna Miller For British Vogue

If you’re not sick of me posting about Sienna Miller yet… here are some of the photographs from her spread in the October issue of British Vogue.







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Zadig et Voltaire

Picture 1One of the many stores I fell in love with after coming to Paris was Zadig et Voltaire. There clothes are absolutely beautiful – I think I would buy every single piece (if it wasn’t so pricey). But when I was shopping at Printemps, I saw the most beautiful bag in the Z&V section. It is very similar to this one – but I don’t think it had the same straps and it didn’t have the lace. I love this one too though. Unfortunately, these bags are around 200 euro. Christmas present… maybe? Check out the clothes and accessories at

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Love This Lily Allen Picture 2

Lily Allen is performing in Paris tomorrow night !! But obviously I would have finals the next day :(. I guess I already saw her in concert (and in person) once, but she’s such a great performer I hate that I can’t go. But I did find this great photo of her. I believe it’s for GQ?


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January Jones For GQ

For those of you who don’t watch Mad Men, January Jones is one of the main characters – Betty Draper. And also for those of you who don’t watch Mad Men, you definitely should. Yes, it’s about advertising (which I find interesting because it is my major) but it’s also drama filled with sex and scandal as well.

Ps. Her boobs are real – they just did some retouching for the cover.








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Styling Tips For October recently posted their styling tips for October. I think my favorite – is tip #3 “thigh high boots with modest hemlines”. I LOVE thigh high boots.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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