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Why I Wish I Was Marie Antoinette

Because of my recent nostalgia for Paris and my yearning to go back, I thought I would share some of the pictures I took of Versailles while there. Although it was my second time being there (the first was when I was only 12), I appreciated it so much more and felt like I was seeing so much more.

If you ever go, you must see Marie Antoinette’s pretend village. The palace is, of course, usually the main attraction (and unbelievably gorgeous and decadent), but I found her village so much more interesting. They even still have animals there! (As well as beautiful vegetable gardens). Unfortunately, you can’t go up into her little cottage, but just walking around the grounds was amazing. She had secret caves, and ponds, and everything you could possibly think of.

This is why I wish I was her…


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Valentino’s Paris Haute Couture Fall 2010

I usually post my favorite pieces from various collections that were recently shown. I admit I’ve been lacking… but in the meantime click here for a bunch of pieces from Valentino’s Haute Couture Fall 2010 line. And I’ll post other collections soon.

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My Dream Bag

While in Paris, I constantly visited both Printemps and Zadig & Voltaire numerous times just to stare at this amazing bag I wanted. I took numerous pictures on my phone (this picture is from October) just so I could admire it when I was away from it. And when my parents came to visit me, I dragged them into the store so they could stare at it with me (and hopefully take pity on my poor broke self and buy it for me… but no).

And then about 6 months later, we are walking around the city and I see a Zadig & Voltaire store. I drag my parents in once more to see if they still have the bag, and low and behold, they have ONE left AND it’s on sale 50% off! I bought it on the spot and wore it out.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it’s worth the wait.

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The Cut’s 12 Best Looks Of Paris Couture

One of my favorite fashion blogs The Cut posted a slide show of the 12 Best Looks of Paris Couture.

“Couture is a dying art. It encompasses the world’s smallest workshops, accessible to only the privileged few, and boasts techniques and workmanship operating at a level most of us can’t even dream about. That said, I love that it exists alongside the H&Ms of the world, and really want to see it continue.”

– The Cut.

It would be terrible to see haute couture go. It’s such an important part of fashion – it shows the real creativity of the designers.

Even though these dresses can’t be worn to most occasions, they’re not meant to be – that’s what makes them so special.

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Dior Haute Couture Paris Show Fall 2010

I LOVE this collection – the flowered-inspired dresses are unbelievable.

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Street Style During Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010

I found these great photos of various fashion week attendees in Paris on nylonmag.com.

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My Absolute Favorite Commercial Of The Super Bowl: Parisian Love

The first time I saw this I nearly cried.

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