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Richard Phillips

Nylon Magazine just wrote a blog post about one of Richard Phillips’ newest pieces – a portrait of Kirsten Stewart. This portrait looks very similar to her Nylon Cover (just flipped). See below:

Richard Phillips' Portrait of Kristen Stewart

Kristen's Nylon Cover

What do you think?

These portraits are part of Phillips’ new “Most Wanted” exhibition – in which he paints young Hollywood Icons. Here are few other examples of his work:

See more at

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, you may recognize this painting hanging in the Van Der Woodsen penthouse:


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The Making OF Givenchy Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011

One of my favorite things… backstage footage of photo shoots. Beautiful video and I love the music choice.

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The Cut’s 12 Best Looks Of Paris Couture

One of my favorite fashion blogs The Cut posted a slide show of the 12 Best Looks of Paris Couture.

“Couture is a dying art. It encompasses the world’s smallest workshops, accessible to only the privileged few, and boasts techniques and workmanship operating at a level most of us can’t even dream about. That said, I love that it exists alongside the H&Ms of the world, and really want to see it continue.”

– The Cut.

It would be terrible to see haute couture go. It’s such an important part of fashion – it shows the real creativity of the designers.

Even though these dresses can’t be worn to most occasions, they’re not meant to be – that’s what makes them so special.

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Wishing I Was In The UK Right Now…

I just read about this 3 day festival in Sussex celebrating music, film, fashion, art, and design – basically ALL of my favorite things. And Lily Allen will be there! If only I could go…

“Each day bands will take to the various stages, sectioned into decades. So swing by Let it Rock for a 50s-style dance-along, or The Warehouse 80s stage to hear the likes of Danny Rampling spinning their magic on the decks. The main stage will play host to artists like Noisettes and legends Heaven 17, and there’s even a roller disco where you can strap on your skates and whiz about for a bit.

When you’re not dancing your socks off you can take a stroll down the film set Highstreet, and stop off to buy groceries, or pop into Lily Allen and Sarah Owen’s vintage venture Lucy in Disguise, which is launching at the festival. Then, when you’re ready to hit the hay you can choose from vintage caravans, local hotels or – our personal favourite – Glamping. Glam camping, which involves sleeping in Egyptian cotton in wildly elaborate tents sounds right up our street!”


Will any of my British followers please go and report back to me???

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Je n’aime rien

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I found this really cool website where you create your own “style looks”. You can add backgrounds and props, and then you choose different clothes and accessories to go with the “look”. But the coolest part is that on the website it tells you the designer of each piece of clothing/accessory/make-up when you roll over the item. (In addition to the price and where you can get it). It even tells you where they got the background image from.

It’s a really great site for styling and kind of like an online inspiration board. Also just fun to play around on.

A look I made:

Other designs I like:

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What I Did Over Christmas Break

Instead of making a scrapbook of my memories of Paris (I thought I moved past my scrapbooking years), I decided to make a collage. These photos are a mixture of pictures I took, photos from websites, and postcards. This really did take me a long time: figuring out where everything was and then placing it in the right spots to glue it down, decoupaging a few times, and adding the stones and flowers later on.

But this was a really fun project and it came out really beautiful. I am going to frame it in a shadow box and hang it in my room. This way I don’t have to go search for a scrapbook when I want to reminisce about Paris.

I used a few photos from And I want to make a few more collages using some of their photos.

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