About Me

Here’s pretty much the basics. I’m an Advertising major at Boston University and in order to be a communications major you MUST have a twitter and preferably a blog. So after being freaked out when my professor gave my class a presentation on the importance of social media and networking, I decided it was time to finally start a blog.

So because I eventually want to go into fashion branding and advertising… this blog is mostly fashion based BUT with other things that I think are important to fashion. For example, music, movies, celebrities, etc. There are also hints of me everywhere so it’s not just your typical fashion trends blog. I definitely keep it personal. By no means am I fashion expert, but it’s still a passion of mine.

Please feel free to email me at julietevea@gmail.com with any questions, advice, comments, or anything!




6 responses to “About Me

  1. This is awesome, go Juj! You will soon find out that it is a lot harder to maintain a blog and keep it fresh 🙂

    What’s your twitter handle? Im @brandyourself and @traceacohen follow me!

    Good luck!

  2. Grace Hepburn

    Your blog is fantastic, its reached me all the way here in New Zealand. I can’t remember how I stumbled across it, but I am forever checking your updates and links. I love the style you display and have reconstructed some of these looks myself. I also have a major celebrity crush on Lily Allen and am so jealous you met her! I also want to say I am totally obsessed with tattoos and I am getting my first next week! Great job!
    Grace Hepburn
    ( New Zealand)

  3. In my day, we called them garter belts, because there was no panty hose. We also had long seams in the back of our stockings, but during World War II it was difficult to get silk stockings. After, of course, synthetic fibers replaced silk. However, those with full hips or imagined that they had full hips wore girdles, softer then their mothers’ but still awful, which meant no garter belts were needed, because the lower part of the pantie girdles had garters. Girdles were always hiking up, so, throughout the day, we glamour gals were straightening our stocking seams.

    The awful part of wearing these fragile and somewhat expensive stockings was ripping them. Some we mended with matching thread to make invisible repairs,, but if visible, we were very self-conscious.

    Since Madonna adopted our pointy bras and slips as outer wear, I’m surprised at nothing these days. Inner, outer, whatever! If it fits and looks good, that’s all!

  4. jay

    africa is reading!keep up.

  5. Isabel Alcock

    Your article about the effects of the fashion industry on eating disorders has been so useful, i am writing about this issue for my a-levels and no i feel i have so much information i can use. Thankyou x

  6. Hi,

    I’d like to inquire about purchasing a very small banner ad on your site about 120×60 on your site http://fashionspirations.com.

    We sell womens casual clothing in Berkeley and Los Angeles, Califonia. Currently, we are seeking more exposure.
    Our budget is around $40 per year. Is this something you’d be open to?



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