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Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson (???)

I will never understand them. Not only is Evan Rachel Wood gorgeous but I LOVE her movies… thirteen, across the universe, and now true blood. What does she see in Marilyn Manson? Forget the looks part – that has nothing to do with it. But he’s gruesome  and creepy and disturbed! Everyone knows about his bizarre hobbies. I don’t get it.

Hate them together… like this photo.


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Sienna and Jude: Feelings?

I try to avoid celebrity gossip on here, but I can’t resist talking about one of my favorite couples – Sienna and Jude. I tend to root for the typically unpopular couples – for example, although I felt bad for Jen, I do believe that Angelina and Brad are perfect for each other. Does that make me a bad person?

So once again, although Jude did cheat on Sienna once upon a time (and is known as a womanizer) – I still think they are meant to be. I think Jude must have been truly sorry for what he did in order for Sienna to go back to him, and must have showed it as well. I don’t think this is Sienna being weak, as some people are saying.

Just look at how cute they are…

A recent photo of Sienna and Jude kissing.

Some oldies:

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Sienna Miller For British Vogue

If you’re not sick of me posting about Sienna Miller yet… here are some of the photographs from her spread in the October issue of British Vogue.







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A few of my favorite Lauren Conrad looks


Here are some of my favorite Lauren Conrad looks – clothes, makeup, and hair. 


Lauren Conrad at David Letterman

Lauren Conrad at David Letterman


At her fashion show

At her fashion show


I've definitely replicated this outfit before

I've definitely replicated this outfit before


More to come!


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Lauren’s New Braid

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lauren Conrad has changed her signature ‘side braid’ this season. Before, it looked like this:

Before Braid

Before Braid

Now, it looks like this:


Braid Now

 I kind of like the new one better. Feelings?


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Jayde Nicole: Hair Icon

303571907_a377f24acf So I have Style Icons and Music Icons, but Jayde Nicole is my first Hair Icon” (if I had such a category). For anyone who knows me, you know how dark I want my hair. Every time I go to the salon, I tell them I want it as black as possible while still looking natural. But they always give me dark dark brown. When really this is the color I want. Do I have to ask for actual black? I feel like I’ll walk out of there looking like a Goth.

Anyway, the last time I went to get my hair dyed I actually brought this picture of Jayde with me. But once I got to the salon I was too embarrassed to pull it out and show them. I guess I didn’t want them judging me and thinking I wanted to be a Playboy Playmate – I really just want her hair! Plus, I’m pretty sure the colorisit was gay so I don’t even know if he’d know who she was. But I was still too shy to show them the picture. And of course, I ended up getting dark dark brown.

But seriously, this is exactly how I want my hair – color, bangs, layers, and all. I wonder if it’s extensions?

I was also really excited that she was on The Hills Monday. I really love her (well I don’t really know her… and don’t read Playboy). But judging by her blog and Twitter she seems really nice and chill!! And she’s gorgeous obvi… she was Playmate of The Year. She’s also dating Brody Jenner and they couldn’t be a cuter couple. So, I don’t know if i would consider Jayde Nicole a Style Icon because I don’t think I’d wear half the things she wears – but a Hair Icon for sure.

Jayde’s Twitter 

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Lily Allen – Littlest Things

Here is the video I recorded at the Lily Allen concert of “Littlest Things”. I posted it on youtube and you can see the other videos of her on my account too!

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