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Diesel Island

After launching its “BE STUPID STUPID” campaign in 2010, Diesel has created a new campaign called “Diesel Island” where those who wish to “be stupid’ can in fact do so. It’s online marketing team is calling it “lost but with nicer clothes and no polar bears.”

Here are a few highlights of the Diesel Island campaign:

  • Print and outdoor campaigns showing these new immigrants exploring the new island
  • Viral videos, a Facebook application and a game based on island’s everyday life, pirate radio
  • Its own Wikipedia entry, updated every week as the emerging society and its rules and regulations evolve
  • Diesel stores will become the official “embassies” of the island, with flags, maps and explanations of the philosophy

I especially love  the copy on one of the ads “Diesel Island is the least fucked-up country in the world. But give us time.”

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good way to continue the “BE STUPID” campaign in a less controversial way?

See some images below:



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Calvin Klein’s 2011 Collection Commercial

“Modern Elegance, Timeless Luxury”

Calvin Klein’s new commercial featuring Lara Stone. I am always a fan of commercial campaigns for fashion designers – they always come out so beautifully done.

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Lookbook Favorites 12.30.10

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Carine Roitfeld Says Au Revoir To French Vogue

After 10 years of being the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, one of my favorite people and style icons, Carine Roitfeld, has decided to leave. Stating she has left to pursue “personal projects”, many are still unsure of the real reasons she left. Some are saying it was because she was being influenced by certain designers and brands to feature their collections in the magazine, but that is only speculation.

Carine Roitfled has really shaped what French Vogue is today. Although Paris has always been the fashion capitol of the world, Carine set a whole new tone for fashion with her risqué editorials featuring nudity and models smoking. She basically created the way the world sees France and its powerful influence on fashion. And since becoming Editor-in-Cheif, she has increased the magazines circulation by nearly 45% in the last ten years, even in this horrible economy

Although they are still deciding on who will take her place, it looks like French Vogue’s Fashion Director, Emmanuelle Alt is the runner-up. I find it hard to believe that anyone can truly replace Carine Roitfeld and do what she did to French Vogue.

Read an interview Roitfeld did with WWD about leaving Vogue here.

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Top Posts of 2010

Although various different posts and topics drive people to, there are a few specific people and subjects I must recognize for giving this website so much traffic.

Erin Lucas

Since first posting about her, she has continuously been the number 1 read post. Even after leaving The City, people are still interested in who she is and what she’s doing. Read her Style Icon post here.

Mila Kunis

Ever since the premier of Black Swan, Mila Kunis has been a huge search item for Fashionspirations. Clearly, by all the recognition and popularity she is gaining from Black Swan, this really was a break-through role for her. See her at The Book Of Eli Premier Here.

Alessandra Torresani

This Caprica actress is a huge traffic driver ever since I posted about her leopard dress at The Young Hollywood Party.

Provocative Fashion

Provocative Fashion, or some variation of this wording, has also been a huge search item. I guess I can’t be too surprised since I do post a lot of Maxim editorials, along with various lingerie and risqué photo shoots. So thank you, controversial fashion editorials.

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Model Of The Moment: Freja Beha Erichsen

Why do I like her so much? Mostly her tattoos + hair.

Erichsen has a total of 16 tattoos. They include “float”, written on the left side of her neck, an upside down triangle on the back of her neck, a circle behind her right ear, a cross on her right earlobe, “Serendipity is Life” written on the back of her upper right arm, a revolver on the inside of her upper left arm, “This Too Shall Pass” written on the inside of her upper right arm, “This World Tonight is Mine” written on her right wrist, “Redemption” written on her upper left forearm, three circles on the inside of her left wrist, a star on her upper left torso (just under her armpit) and a lightning bolt her upper right torso. (Freja Beha Blog)

See all of her tattoos here: Freha Beha Blog

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I Heart

Carolines Mode

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