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My Must Read Books

1. One Day

If you are looking for a comedy, a romance, a tear-jerker, or anything else, this book is it. One Day tells the story of two people, Em and Dex, who meet in college and share a special bond until their late thirties. From a one-night stand to best friends to lovers to complete strangers, this book shows just how much a relationship can change over time. There is the perfect amount of laughter, sadness, reality, and love – which makes it the perfect book for ANYONE. It was one of those books that I dreaded putting down. Please read this book! You will instantly fall in love with the characters.


2. The Glass Castle

After finishing this book in about a week, I still couldn’t decide if it was depressing or uplifting. The Glass Castle tells the story of a poor nomadic family complete with four children and two very “interesting” parents (for lack of a better word). From California to Arizona to West Virginia and finally, to New York, this books follows the family as they sleep in one-room cardboard houses, confront multiple pedofiles, go hungry for days on end, witness alcoholism at it’s worst, and are constantly on the run. But the best part about this novel is that it’s told from a naive child’s point of view who, for the first half of the book, doesn’t see anything wrong with the life style her family leads. This book will leave you frustrated and confused, but it’s very worth it. And a great reality check – considering it’s a memoir.


3. Commencement

The ultimate chick flick. If you’re into more light-hearted books, read Commencement. Although not usually my genre, I actually loved this book. A modern-day “Now and Then”, Commencement shares the tale of four young girls who meet in college, each one very different in her own way, and continue their friendship until adulthood. They each have their own struggles and obstacles to cross, but they get through everything together. At the risk of being on the chick-flick side, it really is an incredible page turner.



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AnOther Magazine

AnOther Magazine just released their covers for their fall/winter issue. 4 very influential women are pictured on each cover: Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, and Vanessa Paradis.





I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes, but I have to admit that all of these women look beautiful on these covers.

Check out to check out the magazine’s website.

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Valley of the Dolls

HE_ValleyOfTheDolls Valley of the Dolls is one of my favorite books out there. I read it this summer and finished it in a matter of days – I couldn’t put it down.

The book is about 3 women in the 1950’s-60s who all become friends through the entertainment industry – acting, singing etc. They all have their own unique stories; however, they all share the problem of using pills (or “dolls” as they call them) to cope with life.

You follow these girls over a span of 20 years – their success, their tragedies, and their drug addictions. Each of these women is supposedly based on an actual person. You can see pieces of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and other famous celebrities afflicted by drug addictions in each of the characters.

This story can easily be applied to today’s society. However, this book does kind of romanticize using pills and drugs. Not that that’s a good thing, but it gives a different perspective and shows the similarities between the entertainment industry now and then.

I do have a tendency to love old books (Gone With The Wind is my all time favorite) but I recommend this book to everyone. And even the movie.

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Edie Sedgwick



I recently watched Factory Girl staring Sienna Miller and I absolutely loved it. Sad story, but very artsy and well done movie. The movie tells the true story of Edie Sedgwick who was a socialite during the Andy Warhol period. She starred in many of Warhol’s movies and quickly rose to fame. However, Edie did get involved in drugs and eventually overdosed at the age of 28. But her story is absolutely amazing and she was so beautiful. She lived a lavish life of fabulosity and fame and she will never be forgotten.

The movie also made me want to read her biography – Edie Sedgwick: An American Girl. I’m on a 60’s/70’s binge right now. I’m currently reading Valley of the Dolls and after that I plan to read Lolita. Here is some more information on Edie if you are interested. Also an interesting fact, she is related to Kyra Sedgwick.


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