Brigitte Bardot

I recently went to an exhibition in Paris called “Exposition Brigitte Bardot: Les années “insouciance”.

It’s showing from now until January 31st – so if you are in Paris, you should definitely see it. (It’s only 8 euros). There’s so much to see – you will need at least an hour. The exhibition takes you from her childhood years filled with dance and ballet (complete with photographs and her possessions) to days of stardom. It also has all her magazine covers, various photographs and portraits of her from famous photographers and painters, pictures (and movies) from all her films, and even some of her clothing and costumes.

This exhibition was like someone gathered up every single photograph taken/memorabilia of Brigitte Bardot and put it in this one big gallery. And it has inspired me to watch her films – especially “And God Created Woman…”.




Go to this website for more information on the exhibition:

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One response to “Brigitte Bardot

  1. Je recherche des visuels de BB avec les acteurs ou célébrités suivantes et si vous aviez éventuellement le nom du photographe ou l’agence qui gère les droits cela serait pour moi un plus, merci mille fois par avance de votre aide.
    Bruno Ricard Web Master du Blog “Brigitte Bardot” :


    Brigitte Bardot avec:

    Paul Newman :
    Kirk Douglas
    James Stewart
    Anthony Perkins
    Sean Connery
    Erold Flyn
    Samy davis Junior
    Dany Kaine
    Ed Sullivan
    Harry Bellafonte
    Rock Hudson
    Gary Grant
    Winston Churchill
    et autres célébrités rare si vous en aviez dans vos archives!

    Contactez moi sur mon courriel merci beaucoup :

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