The September Issue

6a00d83451595d69e20120a500fd96970b-800wiI recently watched the documentary “The September Issue” which is about the process of putting together Vogue’s September Issue (which is the biggest issue of the year).

Really, it was more about Anna Wintour and her complete control over the fashion industry. Yes, “The Devil Wears Prada” was based on her, but it is scary how similar these two films are.

I am amazed by Anna’s influence and hard work – she really made Vogue what it is today. (For example, they talk about how she was the one to bring celebrities into fashion and put celebrities on the cover). She is an idol for all fashion editors and she has an amazing eye. However, I do have some problem with her.

I don’t like how she has control over fashion designers. In one part of the film, some famous designer – Oscar de la Renta maybe? – is showing her his new looks. And she offers no compliments, only criticisms and he takes out some pieces based on what she said. Since when does one woman say what fashion is? What is beautiful and what isn’t? It’s up to the designer – not her. But of course, because of Vogue’s influence over the fashion world, what Anna says goes. This, I find unfair.

I also do not like her extreme elitism. She actually believes she is God – the only other person she talks to on her level is her daughter Bee. Everyone else is beneath her. I even read that she made it a rule that all secretaries and interns are not allowed to speak to her until Anna speaks to them first. They are also not allowed to ride the elevator with her. This is a little ridiculous.

I’ve always heard such horrible things about Anna – but when you watch the documentary – what she is actually like – you see that even though she is a genius, she is also an extreme elitist. I cannot wait for the day when she is replaced – not only because I’m bored of her and I want her to get off her high horse – but also because I’m curious as to who will replace her.

This documentary was not ALL about Anna of course. They showed the fashion shoots, and the process of picking and choosing what clothes to wear and what photographs to use. Another thing that amazed me was how much goes to waste – they cut out entire photo shoots and millions of photos. It’s a shame that they waste that much money. But since the September issue is such a big deal and the most important issue of the year – I understand that it does have to be perfect.

The film also showed Sienna Miller being photographed for the magazine – I’ll add some of those pictures.

For all you fashion lovers out there (especially those of you who want to be in the business) this is a must-see!


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