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Warm Necessities

A few things you may need to stay warm this winter. (And great Christmas present ideas…)

1. Convertible gloves/mittens: Brilliant, just brilliant. Even in the freezing cold weather, you will still be able to text.

American Eagle

2. Eternity Scarf: Goodbye pashminas, hello eternity scarves! They really do keep your neck so much warmer.

Top Shop

3. The Turban: If you’re not a fan of hair hair and ear muffs don’t do it for you either, try a warm, wool headband. (They sell great ones at street vendors in New York City).

Urban Outfitters

4. Hand Muffler: The 1920’s are back in!

Top Shop

4. Hunter boots + socks: Uggs are out, Hunters are in! But you’ll need some socks to keep your toes toasty.



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Trend: British Flag T-Shirts/Dresses

** The last shirt can be found here.

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BDG Sale At Urban

Urban Outfitters is having a hug sale on all BDG tops (which are their basic tees and tanks). Pretty much all are 2 for $24. They are also great quality – I still have some BDG tops from 2 years ago in perfect condition. And they have a very wide variety of styles and colors.


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Ski Masks Fashionable?

I would REALLY love someone to learn how to make ski masks fashionable. Maybe some cool prints? Different fabrics? Sequins? Anything! The weather in Boston has driven me to day dream about covering my head and face in a ski mask. But I am definitely not self-confident enough to walk around the city sporting one. Although it is my secret desire. And I’m sure many others have it too!

If only American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, even Gap could come out with some sort of stylish rendition of the ski mask – my face would no longer freeze to death. Please? Anyone?

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Is this my dress?

While looking on one of my favorite fashion sites http://lookbook.nu, I found a picture of what looks a lot like the new dress I got at Urban and got really excited.  The black design is a little different but it looks so similar. Look below for my earlier post about my new dress.


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Getting Ready For Paris

So I figured if I I’m going to be working in the fashion capital of the world and hopefully in the fashion industry, I should get a few things that are à la mode. So, I went on a shopping spree the other day and made a few purchases…

Wizard Cotton Dress from French Connection - $148

Wizard Cotton Dress from French Connection – $148. I actually bought this for my Spring Formal… thinking a little too much ahead….

The rest of the clothes are from Urban Outfitters.






P3290224This bag was on sale at Urban for $40 ! It’s amazing and they also have it in cream and black.

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