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Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson (???)

I will never understand them. Not only is Evan Rachel Wood gorgeous but I LOVE her movies… thirteen, across the universe, and now true blood. What does she see in Marilyn Manson? Forget the looks part – that has nothing to do with it. But he’s gruesome ¬†and creepy and disturbed! Everyone knows about his bizarre hobbies. I don’t get it.

Hate them together… like this photo.


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Anna Paquin For Nylon

I know I’ve been posting a lot about vampires lately (with True Blood and Twilight combined, it’s hard not to). But Anna Paquin (Sookie from True Blood) recently posed for Nylon Magazine. Here are the photographs:








To read the article from Nylon click here.

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Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Music, Tattoos, and Vampires

Could I have found a new Kristen Stewart replacement? Evan Rachel Wood recently did a photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine and they shot a behind the scenes interview with her.

Not only does she reveal her 3 tattoos and what they all stand for but she also reveals that she is playing The Queen of Louisiana in True Blood !! We only see her foot in the last episode. Will she know how to kill Mary Anne?

I can’t paste the video here but definitely check it out here! http://flaunt.com/tv/rachel-wood

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True Blood Love


If you know me at all, you know my love for True Blood, Twilight, and anything related to vampires. I’m currently catching up on season 2 of True Blood right now. If you have never watched it before, start watching now! Even people who aren’t as obsessed with vampires as I am love the show (AKA my roommates).

It’s actually a very interesting concept – vampires have come out of hiding and are now semi-accepted in the world. The story line revolves around a romance between a vampire and a human (Twilight much?). But there are also some “shape-shifters”, voodoo witches, and other evil things. This has quickly become my favorite show ever and if you don’t have HBO then you can watch it on surfthechannel.com.

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