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Richard Phillips

Nylon Magazine just wrote a blog post about one of Richard Phillips’ newest pieces – a portrait of Kirsten Stewart. This portrait looks very similar to her Nylon Cover (just flipped). See below:

Richard Phillips' Portrait of Kristen Stewart

Kristen's Nylon Cover

What do you think?

These portraits are part of Phillips’ new “Most Wanted” exhibition – in which he paints young Hollywood Icons. Here are few other examples of his work:

See more at Elle.com.

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, you may recognize this painting hanging in the Van Der Woodsen penthouse:


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Stripper Shoes

Taylor Momsen wore these clear platform heels with A TIP JAR in the platform at her performance at The Warped Tour. Along with her garters and corset-dress… she was looking a little like she belonged more on stage at a strip club than at a concert.

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Madonna’s Material Girl Line

Madonna is creating an 80’s inspired clothing line for Macy’s called “Material Girl”. I would say it’s a pretty appropriate name. And who better to design 80’s inspired clothes than the symbol of lace, pearls, finger-less gloves, and spandex shorts? (AKA Madonna).

The collection will be in Macy’s August 3rd. Taylor Momsen is rumored to be the face of “Material Girl” – perhaps her style is a little more rocker/goth – but she still has the 80’s thing going on.

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Garter Belts: Hot or Trampy?

Lately we have been seeing a lot of guarder belts paired with mini skirts/dresses. Orginally, guarder belts were meant to be worn under dresses and skirts. But now, girls are wearing them so they are visible.

I think this look is cute – but not sure if I like it for every day wear. Perhaps it should stay in the lingerie drawer… It’s like Victoria Secret doesn’t have a secret anymore.


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Taylor Momsen For Nylon Japan

I was never the biggest fan of Talyor Momsen. I always thought she took the whole “heroin-chic” look a little too far. But I do like this photo shoot.

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