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A New Type Of Runway Show

With technology constantly evolving, along with it comes fashion shows. This was put to the test at Ralph Lauren’s 4-D Light Show on November 10th.

This 4-D Light Show was actually projected onto the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue. The show started off with different parts of the buildings moving in pretty trippy ways, then there were the models that came walking down a marble staircase cat-walk, and then the accessories came (in giant size of course – bags, ties, watches, fragrances…). After the “fashion” aspect of the light show, a heard of polo players came charging out of the building – chasing a ball in mid-air. And for the finale, Ralph Lauren appeared in the window (or at least his avatar, I guess you could call it).The 4-D aspect of this show was apparently his new fragrance that was spritzed into the crowd outside.

Talk about innovating and creative. Other designers now have a lot to live up to.

See the full video below.


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