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Favorite Photographer: Pamela Hanson

If you’ve ever been in either my bedroom in New York or Boston, you’ve seen the poster of the woman sitting in a chair, putting on lipstick, with her legs up on the table facing a mirror and a shirtless man behind her staring into the mirror. Although everyone, and I mean everyone, proclaims that she’s not wearing underwear and the man is staring into the mirror at her you-know-what, I disagree. I like to think that he’s staring at her face and thinking about how beautiful she is. Maybe that’s my hopeless romanticism coming out but I refuse to believe this photograph is perverted in any way. This is my favorite photograph ever and I planned to frame it and have it in my future apartment for ever and ever. Here is the best picture I could get of it online:

pamela hanson photo

Pamela Hanson is the photographer as you can see, and I’ve done a lot of research on her work and hope to collect more posters of hers in the future. Her pictures are definitely risqué but not in a raunchy way, which I like. She does a lot of fashion photography and has photographed many celebrities as well. Here are a few of my favorites of hers:





Although these are all in black and white, she does a lot of color photography as well. To see more pictures of hers go to http://www.pamelahanson.com/fashion.



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