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A New Type Of Runway Show

With technology constantly evolving, along with it comes fashion shows. This was put to the test at Ralph Lauren’s 4-D Light Show on November 10th.

This 4-D Light Show was actually projected onto the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue. The show started off with different parts of the buildings moving in pretty trippy ways, then there were the models that came walking down a marble staircase cat-walk, and then the accessories came (in giant size of course – bags, ties, watches, fragrances…). After the “fashion” aspect of the light show, a heard of polo players came charging out of the building – chasing a ball in mid-air. And for the finale, Ralph Lauren appeared in the window (or at least his avatar, I guess you could call it).The 4-D aspect of this show was apparently his new fragrance that was spritzed into the crowd outside.

Talk about innovating and creative. Other designers now have a lot to live up to.

See the full video below.


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My New Favorite Store In New York City

In the first season of The Hills, when Lauren and Heidi were still amicable, Lauren told Heidi over lunch “you know you’re a grown up when you ask for apartment stuff for Christmas”. Well, sadly enough, I’m officially a grown up. I think I may actually be in my mid-forties after asking for a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday.

Now, as the holidays approach, one store comes to mind – Fishs Eddy.

With a plethora of dinnerware, Fishs Eddy is a great place to find any kind of bowl, cake stand, coffee cup, etc. The cost also ranges in price – you can find a patterned set of ceramic plates for only $5. And they sell cutlery by a piece – for as low as 80 cents!

They also have featured sets, which have certain themes such as Alice in Wonderland or Crossword Puzzle. It has every color of plates, cups, and bowls… even just white for those of you who aren’t fond of bright colored dinnerware.¬†But I think it’s the eclectic mixture of dinnerware that makes Fishs Eddy so unique and popular.

Two of my favorite pieces from there that I am determined to buy is an old fashioned milk bottle and ¬†colorful glass cake stand (pictured below). How often I will use a milk bottle, I am unsure, but I still want it…

See more here at FishsEddy.com.

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Great Fashion Exhibition At The Met

For all you New Yorkers (or anyone planning on visiting New York in the next few months) put this on your to-do list! I must admit it has been on mine for a while and I still haven’t gotten the chance to go but I’m hoping for next weekend!

From May 5th to August 15th, the Met is holding an exhibition called American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. Basically it explores the fashion trends of American women from 1890 to 1940. Or as the Met describes it:

“Focusing on archetypes of American femininity through dress, the exhibition reveals how the American woman initiated style revolutions that mirrored her social, political, and sexual emancipation. “Gibson Girls,” “Bohemians,” and “Screen Sirens,” among others, helped lay the foundation for today’s American woman.”

This exhibition looks amazing and I highly recommend you seeing it. Although, my favorite to this day was the Superhero exhibition they had about a year ago where they had designers such as Prada and Dolce & Gabanna design costumes for famous superheros such as Catwoman and Wonderwoman. That was truly amazing.

Check out the website here: American Women: Fashioning A National Identity

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