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Macha Jewelry

I recently came across this jewelry line “Macha Jewelry” on Etsy.com. They have great little metal and jewel combined pieces, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Although simple pieces, most are silver, gold, or some kind of metal, they are very delicate and beautiful. I especially love the gold and silver infused pieces.

Their rings are probably the most unique – ranging from beautiful bespoke rings to russian wedding chains to wrap around metallic rings. (And Macha Jewelry will custom create them to your size). They even have wedding bands and engagement rings – not your typical Tiffany’s.

The below I found on Etsy.com:

Russian Chain Ring 14k Gold and Sterling silver – $395

Cale Ring – $190

Heart Lariat Necklace – $140

Jagger Trilogy Ring – $510



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Chan Luu

I have recently become in love with Chan Luu bracelets. They are a mixture of delicate, feminine, crunchy hippie, Grecian, and Native American. If you identify with any of those adjectives, you should purchase a Chan Luu bracelet immediately.

Sterling Silver Single Wrap Bracelet on White Leather – $90

Braided Rose Gold Nugget Bracelet – $190

Graduated Clear Quartz and Sterling Silver Nugget Wrap Bracelet – $205

For more bracelets, apparel, and accessories go to ChanLuu.com.

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Fashion Pet Peeve: Silly Bandz!

I think I’m the only girl (age 4 – 24) in the United States who doesn’t own any silly bandz. I just don’t get it. They look like colorful rubber bands on your wrists… how is that appealing? At least “Live Strong” bracelets had a good cause behind them. Why would you want to have an airplane or a frog around your wrist?

Now, I’m not criticizing pre-teen girls who wear them. When I was 5 I was wearing “Pretty Pretty Princess” jewelry. But I don’t get girls in their 20’s who wear them going out at night. How can you pair a cute black mini-dress and pumps with these SILLY silly bandz?

Is this a fashion trend I’m just not getting?


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