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Favorites At The Art of Elysium’s 3rd Annual Black-Tie Charity Gala

Jenna Dewan

Sofia Bush

Rachel Bilson


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Which is which?

Jenna Dewan and Adriana Lima could be sisters.



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Who is Jenna Dewan?

Step Up has been on my movie list ever since it came out, but I still haven’t gotten around to seeing it. Although I know who Channing Tatum is, I had never heard the name “Jenna Dewan“. So when I read on people that Tatum was engaged to this Dewan person… you could understand my surprise. Who is she? Why does she get Channing Tatum? And then I realized she was his costar in Step Up. After doing some stalking, I decided i really like her. Dewan hasn’t been in much else – she mostly did modeling before Step Up but she truly is beautiful and I approve of her and Channing.




There will be more posts on Jenna coming up!

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