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Calvin Klein’s 2011 Collection Commercial

“Modern Elegance, Timeless Luxury”

Calvin Klein’s new commercial featuring Lara Stone. I am always a fan of commercial campaigns for fashion designers – they always come out so beautifully done.


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Calvin Klein Banned Advertisement

Now, I know that Calvin Klein was going for the more raunchy and extremely sexual approach with a few of his print ads… but I recently came across these TV spots that were just a little over the top. Consequently, they were banned from TV. Tell me these aren’t just a little creepy…

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Eva Mendes (And Hot Male) For Calvin Klein Jeans

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Controversial Calvin Klein Ad


There’s been a lot of controversy over this Calvin Klein Ad. It’s been on almost every fashion blog so I figured I’d put it on mine to see what you guys think. I think it catches your attention which is the whole point of advertising. I like it but I see how people can think it’s a little too raunchy and inappropriate.

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