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Lauren’s New Braid

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lauren Conrad has changed her signature ‘side braid’ this season. Before, it looked like this:

Before Braid

Before Braid

Now, it looks like this:


Braid Now

 I kind of like the new one better. Feelings?



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The Hills New Season

To be honest, despite my unconditional love for Lauren Conrad, I was not expecting a good 5th season from The Hills. Perhaps this was because Lauren was hesitant to do another season, so I didn’t think it would be as good. However, come last Monday night, I was pleasantly surprised! I actually found my self entranced in the 1 hour premiere – from Lauren and Heidi crying together at Lauren’s birthday, to Spencer’s drama at the bar, to Heidi going to Colorado…I thought the episode was actually good!

However, I do think that Lauren was extremely intoxicated at her birthday – which is why she was crying and embracing Heidi. So, don’t blame Lauren… blame the alcohol. Because the next day she was so mad at Stephaine for inviting her. And she told her off really well!

Also, how does the bartender ‘Stacy’ not know who Spencer and Heidi are? Like are you living under a rock? So that was definitely scripted. But I did love in the 3rd episode (this Monday’s) when Stephanie and Stacy get into a fight and she calls Stephanie a dog because she’s wearing fur and Stephanie calls Stacy a slut because she’s ‘not wearing pants’. That was a great scene. I cannot handle Spencer and Heidi alone together – so any scene with them I want to shoot myself. But that scene at the club was really god. Also, the scene where Stephanie tells Spencer off – “you don’t have any friends” – priceless. 

Now, a lot of people have been hating on Lauren’s bright red lipstick (which she wore at her birthday party) – but I personally really liked it. It was very 40’s glam and I think it looked good on her and was a change from what she usually wears. Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed but she is also sporting a new side braid – instead of wearing it pinned to her head, she has it half french braided and the rest pulled up and pinned. This is hard to explain but I’ll put pictures up as soon as I can find them. 


Lauren's Red Lipstick

All in all, I think that this season is off to a very good start!

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Newport Harbor – The Inside Scoop

Newport Harbor Cast

While out and about this past weekend, I ran into a kid who happened to be from Newport Beach and who attended the high school next to the one filmed on MTV’s Newport Harbor. After talking for a while, I got some inside facts about the cast of Newport Harbor.

1. Chrissy and Clay never actually dated !! They hooked up once or twice but the show completely exaggerated it and made it seem like they were seriously dating when they weren’t. But in real life, Chrissy was actually a “good girl”. 

2. Chrissy isn’t at UC Santa Barbara anymore – she was actually only there for a portion of the year – after attending community college. And now she goes to USC.

3. Clay never went on to college and is now working as a club promoter in LA.

4. Grant is a huge stoner.

5. The cast was picked by the MTV crew going around the high school and asking students who they thought were the most popular kids.

6. The whole thing was VERY scripted. The producers would tell the cast what they wanted them to do. And they would have to reenact things that happened off the camera. For example, if someone broke up off camera, they would have to do it again on camera. How horrible is that. They also got paid – but not much.

These are the basic highlights. Overall, I got the vibe that these kids weren’t anything special – and not the brightest in the box either. This is all based on what this person told me – but he seemed pretty honest and reliable. 

He also told me that he was once at a bar in Laguna that was really chill and Jen Bunny (from Laguna Beach) walks in wearing a cocktail dress and heels (while everyone else is in surf shorts and tank tops). And everyone thought she was a complete joke, especially when guys were hitting on her friend and not her – she got upset and stormed out. 

I’m obviously a sucker for all these shows – I watched Laguna Beach religiously (except for the last season when it all went down hill), as well as Newport Harbor and now The Hills and The City. So I love these shows even if they are scripted.

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