Top Posts of 2010

Although various different posts and topics drive people to, there are a few specific people and subjects I must recognize for giving this website so much traffic.

Erin Lucas

Since first posting about her, she has continuously been the number 1 read post. Even after leaving The City, people are still interested in who she is and what she’s doing. Read her Style Icon post here.

Mila Kunis

Ever since the premier of Black Swan, Mila Kunis has been a huge search item for Fashionspirations. Clearly, by all the recognition and popularity she is gaining from Black Swan, this really was a break-through role for her. See her at The Book Of Eli Premier Here.

Alessandra Torresani

This Caprica actress is a huge traffic driver ever since I posted about her leopard dress at The Young Hollywood Party.

Provocative Fashion

Provocative Fashion, or some variation of this wording, has also been a huge search item. I guess I can’t be too surprised since I do post a lot of Maxim editorials, along with various lingerie and risqué photo shoots. So thank you, controversial fashion editorials.


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