The Black & Brown Controversy

I have never agreed with the whole “you can’t mix black and brown” rule. When I first got to college, I was unaware of this taboo – when I mixed black heels with a brown dress, a friend looked me up and down and asked me “are you really wearing that?”

Black and brown are two of my favorite colors to wear. Given that most of my wardrobe consists of black everything and brown boots, this mixture occurs weekly…maybe even daily. Over the past year, wearing these two colors together has become more widely accepted – especially with handbags. Wearing a brown leather bag with a black dress is no longer frowned upon.

When it comes to leather, black and brown are the most popular colors. And do you really want to wear a black leather jacket, black boots, black bag, black belt, black wallet? No…

Join me in my fight to have black and brown coexist in the same outfit!

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One response to “The Black & Brown Controversy

  1. Gorgeous shots, and loving the fashion pieces.
    Excellent post,


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