I’m Still Here: To Laugh Or To Cry?

I walked into this movie not knowing what to expect. Would this be a blatently obvious mockumentary? Would it be the tragic demise of Joaquin Pheonix?

I walked out feeling like a horrible person for laughing so incredibly hard.

Okay Joaquin, you have everyone’s attention… time to come out and tell the everyone it’s just a game – just to prove to the world what a talented and artistic actor you really are. The Oscars clearly didn’t do it for you.

Or is the hoax rumor really not true? In this movie you will see Joquin snort cocaine, engage in sexual encounters with prostitutes, throw up after falling off stage, and, yes, rap. So you have to ask yourself, is it pixie sticks instead of coke? Did nothing happen when Joaquin was in the bedroom with a hooker? Was the puke really just chili? Were these entire last 2 years  just acting?

Although the movie is funny, there are parts that actually seem genuine. (I may be regretting saying this down the line…) But you could really see a struggeling man trying to fit into a scene where he really doesn’t belong. Of course, many talented actors make their own music – Johnny Depp, Jared Leto… but their music is actually good. All jokes aside, “JP”‘s rapping is pretty horrible. Not only is there no beat but you can hardly understand what he’s saying half the time. However, the amount of effort that he puts into it and the reaction he gets back  is heart wrenching.

It all comes down to one question: how long can a person really fake this level of absurdity?

Although I must admit I’m leaning towards “it’s real”, the one suspicious aspect of this whole thing is the fact that his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, directed it. What kind of person would agree to put his brother-in-law’s life on show like that, knowing that he will just get laughed at? Casey is smart, but is he that cold-hearted? I find that hard to believe.


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