Fashion Pet Peeve: Silly Bandz!

I think I’m the only girl (age 4 – 24) in the United States who doesn’t own any silly bandz. I just don’t get it. They look like colorful rubber bands on your wrists… how is that appealing? At least “Live Strong” bracelets had a good cause behind them. Why would you want to have an airplane or a frog around your wrist?

Now, I’m not criticizing pre-teen girls who wear them. When I was 5 I was wearing “Pretty Pretty Princess” jewelry. But I don’t get girls in their 20’s who wear them going out at night. How can you pair a cute black mini-dress and pumps with these SILLY silly bandz?

Is this a fashion trend I’m just not getting?



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2 responses to “Fashion Pet Peeve: Silly Bandz!

  1. Chickencheese

    Don’t worry, i don’t get the silly bandz either. The other thing I don’t get are the other colourful plastic bracelets (with a rude name). The girls at school wear them and if a boy breaks them you are supposed to do somehting rude to them (hence the name). I’ve never understood why. What happened to nice jewelry?!

    • melody

      i undersatand them. there colourfull and i guess women in there 20’s just are doing whats “in” cuz they get the “im getting old” feeling of someone whos no longer a teen. also i think the plastic bands your talking about are shag bands “a.k.a sex” bands. and people were them cuz they want sexual attention stupid but true and this is a way to get it. i mean may not be the best way but its a way.

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