Mograne Le Fay

Someone recently tweeted to me that I might like this particular designer Morgane Le Fay. After going to the website, I fell in love.

Here is a little about the line:

Morgane Le Fay is a New York City-based fashion house founded in 1982 by Liliana and Carlos Casabal. Our roots are the SoHo of twenty years ago: ghostly, austere – its signs of life the clatter of wheels on crooked cobblestones and the footsteps of the artists that rambled its alleys.
Our design philosophy has evolved from this place. Our work is quiet yet dramatic, wistful and lyrical, emotive and profound, complex in its apparent stillness and simplicity. Our intent is beauty. Our search for it rises from our design inspirations, floats amidst stretches of fabric, and settles into forms that transcend the boundaries of time. Our mission is to craft pieces that fit the Morgane Le Fay woman: mysterious, confident, feminine.
And a few of my favorites:

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