My Dream Bag

While in Paris, I constantly visited both Printemps and Zadig & Voltaire numerous times just to stare at this amazing bag I wanted. I took numerous pictures on my phone (this picture is from October) just so I could admire it when I was away from it. And when my parents came to visit me, I dragged them into the store so they could stare at it with me (and hopefully take pity on my poor broke self and buy it for me… but no).

And then about 6 months later, we are walking around the city and I see a Zadig & Voltaire store. I drag my parents in once more to see if they still have the bag, and low and behold, they have ONE left AND it’s on sale 50% off! I bought it on the spot and wore it out.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it’s worth the wait.


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