Style In Stockholm

Since I started blogging, I have been a huge fan of the Stockholm Street Style Website. Not only does it have the blog, StockholmStreetStyle, but it has 4 other blogs as well… two of my favorites, Caroline’s Mode and Fashiongirl, which I’ve been following for a while, ModeMan (for guys) and the newest addition – Style with Isabelle.

Before reading so much about the fashion there, especially from Caroline who is a stylist, I have to admit that I didn’t know that Stockholm was such a fashion capital. So much is going on there in terms of fashion. And if you look at several other fashion blogs and even bloggers from, so many of them are from Stockholm.

Here is just a taste of what they have…

StockholmStreetStyle: Different looks photographed outside fashion shows.

Caroline’s Mode: She posts pictures of her own (AMAZING) outfits, as well as behind the scene footage of the shoots she does, and other little things she comes across.

Fashiongirl: Her own looks, as well as collages of clothing, shoes, and accessories she puts together. She also posts a lot of looks from runway shows.

Style with Isabelle: Magazine spreads, as well as pieces of clothing and shoes that she finds.


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