American Apparel’s Harsh Beauty Guidelines

I just read an interesting article on TheCut that talked about the strict guidelines that American Apparel has for recruiting and employees. Having worked and interviewed at many retail stores, American Apparel was the only one where I had to have my picture taken for the application process. Apparently your physical appearance has to be approved by a few people before you can be considered for the job. After reading the guidelines of what American Apparel is looking for – I am still baffled about why I didn’t get the job (the only retail job I didn’t get!) – my hair is natural, I never wear a lot of black eyeliner… perhaps it was my perplexed look when they asked to take my picture…

Here are a few of the guidelines:

  • a) Makeup is to be kept to a minimal- please take this very seriously. Liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow are advised against; mascara must look very natural (ie. should not be clumpy or a color that does not compliment your skin and haircolor). Blush must not be overdone- should not have glitter or sparkles. Liquid foundation is prohibited (undereye concealer is understandable if it looks natural- ie. not clumpy or caked on, must match your skin tone). Please do not use a shiny gloss on your lips; any lipcolor must be subtle.
  • b) Eyebrows must not be overplucked. Full eyebrows are very much encouraged. Please do not dye your eyebrows a different color.
  • c) We encourage long, healthy, natural hair, so please be advised of the following:
  • -Hair must be kept your natural color.
  • -Blow-drying hair excessively could cause heat damage, so this is advised against.
  • -“Bangs” or “fringe” are advised against. It is not part of the direction we’re moving in.

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