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Calvin Klein Banned Advertisement

Now, I know that Calvin Klein was going for the more raunchy and extremely sexual approach with a few of his print ads… but I recently came across these TV spots that were just a little over the top. Consequently, they were banned from TV. Tell me these aren’t just a little creepy…


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Daisy Lowe At The Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison Launch In London

Daisy Lowe looking gorgeous as always – with some extra cleavage…

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Happiness Runs

I’m adding this to my movies to see list! It came out May 7th in New York but is playing in very select theaters.

Basic plot synopsis: Kids, who are the products of a 1970’s commune based on the premise of free love, peace, and drugs, are now a part of modern day culture. And one kid wants to get out. The following trailer will give you a better understanding of it.


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Great Fashion Exhibition At The Met

For all you New Yorkers (or anyone planning on visiting New York in the next few months) put this on your to-do list! I must admit it has been on mine for a while and I still haven’t gotten the chance to go but I’m hoping for next weekend!

From May 5th to August 15th, the Met is holding an exhibition called American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. Basically it explores the fashion trends of American women from 1890 to 1940. Or as the Met describes it:

“Focusing on archetypes of American femininity through dress, the exhibition reveals how the American woman initiated style revolutions that mirrored her social, political, and sexual emancipation. “Gibson Girls,” “Bohemians,” and “Screen Sirens,” among others, helped lay the foundation for today’s American woman.”

This exhibition looks amazing and I highly recommend you seeing it. Although, my favorite to this day was the Superhero exhibition they had about a year ago where they had designers such as Prada and Dolce & Gabanna design costumes for famous superheros such as Catwoman and Wonderwoman. That was truly amazing.

Check out the website here: American Women: Fashioning A National Identity

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Kristen Stewart For Elle UK July 2010

Here are a view photos I found that leaked… once I find the rest of the spread I will post ASAP!

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I’m Back!

Sorry for not having written in FOREVER! (About 40 days to be exact.) Life has been pretty crazy with finals, graduation, job searching, etc. But I am officially back and you can be expecting posts again on the regular!

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