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I Heart Back Tattoos

Here are some of my favorite back tattoos I found on weheartit.com. I LOVE back tattoos. I also love side pieces. Can’t decide where to get my next one! (Or what it will even be…)



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Staying Fashionably Warm

This winter has been FREEZING! I have been researching ways too keep warm while still maintaining some kind of style.

What I have learned: Boots are a must! The higher the better! Even though I know you have the urge to throw on your uggs to go outside, instead put on some thick comfy (even knee high) socks with leather boots. Knit hats!! Not only are the incredibly warm but they are also very cute. But if you don’t want to mess up your hair one day – earmuffs are also a great choice. And last but not least – layers!! This may seem obvious, but I’m talking serious layers – long sleeve shirt on top of long sleeve shirt and sweater on top of sweater. Even for pants – jeans on top of waffle leggings.

Here are some warm wintery looks fromĀ lookbook.nu:

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