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Inspiring Images

Lately I have been getting really into photography, more researching photos and photographers than actually taking pictures myself. But I can spend hours on photography blogs and websites. Here are 2 photos I found on etc-alltherest.blogspot.com that I really like. (Same blogger as Le Love and Le Smoking).

Soon I will post a few of my favorite pictures I took while in Paris. (And the collage I just finished!).


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Carine Roitfeld Doesn’t Read Blogs

In a recent interview with Vogue Russia, when asked about fashion blogs, Carine Roitfeld responded:

“Generally, I do not read blogs, but I am aware of what is happening. Perhaps in the future they will work for us.”

Hopefully Roitfeld will soon change her mind – Vogue does in fact have it’s own fashion blogs!


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I went to see “Nine” the other day and absolutely love it. I am a sucker for musical movies, (ie Moulin Rouge, Chicago,…) but Nine was maybe my favorite. It had an amazing cast – from Penelope Cruz to Daniel Day Lewis to Sophia Loren.

Great songs (“Be Italian” by Fergie) and great outfits.

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