We Heart It

I have found a website that perhaps is more addicting than lookbook.nu. Ever since I came across it, thanks to another blog, I have been on it constantly. This site is called WeHeartIt.com.

Basically, it ‘s a site of “inspiring images”. They have amazing photographs – photoshopped and original – of everything. Yes, it’s a little on the girly side – with a lot of pictures of kissing and quotes about love. But you can search for anything – search for ballet and a million beautiful photographs of ballerinas show up, search for Paris and you can find photographs ranging from the Eiffel Tower to a small unknown coffee shop.

The best part is that you can create your own page. You simply “heart” the pictures that you like and they go to “Your Heart” where they are forever saved.

This is also a great site for advertising majors… no watermarks! But even great for creating your own little collage.

Here are pictures from “My Heart”.

Make your own heart!



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