My Short Encounter With Miuccia Prada

Tonight I worked at an event for my internship – 2e Bureau in Paris – which was an art exhibition opening for artist/architect Andrea Branzi.

I was working at the welcoming desk, checking people in. And as the party came to an end I could spot a shiny black car outside. The driver stepped out of the car to open the door for an older couple. I asked anyone if they knew who they were but no one did. So when the woman came to check in, I asked for her name and she had a very strong Italian accent, so I asked her to repeat it again while I searched the list for something with a “Pr”.

All of the sudden I got a tap on the shoulder from my colleague saying “They’re good!” So I let them in immediately. After they passed through, I asked who they were and my colleague told me she was Miuccia Prada. I felt both intense excitement from having met such an amazing fashion icon and also embarrassment at not having known who she was!

I wish I paid more attention to what she was wearing. Lesson learned – know what designers look like! You never know when you will bump into them. Especially in Paris!


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