Shopping At Printemps

Last Friday after work I went shopping (but really “looking”) and the famous Printemps in Paris. I can not express my amazement at their accessories collection – from hand bands and jewelery they have the best of the best.

First I found this bracelet I fell in love with: (second one from the right)


It’s by les perles de mer. And they have the most beautiful braceles and necklaces. Unfortnately I can’t find them online…odd.

And here is the new reversable Chanel bag (the one that Lily Allen is promoting).


I didn’t think it was anything special from looking at the advertisements – but once  you see it in person (or in bag) it’s fabulous – the leather is the softest you will ever feel.

I think one day I might go back and have a “Breakfast at Printemps”.


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  1. Really? I saw this bag in Venice and almost gagged. Chanel is supposed to be all about class, not making sloppy bags you throw your gym sneakers in. bleh.
    sorry for such an aggressive comment but it needed to be said haha

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