What Not To Wear To Work In Paris…

Before I started my internship here in Paris, my school had a meeting for everyone on what we should and shouldn’t wear to work. They presented us with a slideshow filled with pictures on what not to wear. The first picture was of a clown – this meant NO bright colors. They informed us that parisiens do not like bright yellows and pinks and we should stick to dark colors – black, brown, and grey.

blairThe next picture was surprisingly of Blair Waldorf – dressed in her infamous pleaded skirt, knee socks, and headband. They advised us that the French do not like dressing like school girls. I found this very funny because Blair Waldorf is a huge style icon in the states. (Also this was a huge fail for me because one day at work someone told me I looked like Blair…whoops. But it was because I was wearing a dress with a navy blue skirt, stiped belt, and cream colored ruffled shirt…so I guess I could understand.)

They also told us NO bright nail polish. This was a hard one for me because I recently purchased bright orange and pink nail polish which I love.

However, after working at my internship for about a week I realized that all of this isn’t entirely true. I do work at pr and communications agency that represents art and fashion, so bright colors and stylish clothes are not frowned upon. So I guess that this presentation was more for the conservative businesses.

However, I will say that parisiens love their black. It is not uncommon for them to wear all black head to toe – multiple days a week. Clearly I have absolutely no problem with this because half my wardrobe is black.


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