My 5 Favorite Fashion Blogs

Here is a list of all my favorite fashion blogs that I use not only for inspiration for my blog but also for inspiration for my outfits:

  1. – My NUMBER ONE FAVORITE FASHION WEBSITE! This site takes pictures of different ‘looks’ from various designers, photographers, and models from around the world. It’s constantly being updated and you can decide which outfits you like the best, find out where the clothes are from, and even follow certain contributers that you like. The looks are very ‘Urban Oufitters’ but absolutely stunning. I check Lookbook every time I’m at my computer.
  2. Similar to Lookbook, this website takes outfits from mostly models at events and fashion shows. Here is where you will find the more expensive clothes. And even if they are a little over your budget, the outfits are great for inspiration – you can always find something similar for less!
  3. – The New York Magazine’s fashion blog ‘The Cut’ always has the newest updates on everything having to do with fashion – new models, new collections, and even gossip. It’s great for catching up on what’s going on in the fashion world.
  4. and – Both blogs are on the same main website but written by different people. Both bloggers constantly upload pictures of their own outfits (which are gorgeous). Although both have very different looks, they are equally fantastic and inspirational. They also each have clusters of different accessories, clothes, and various things that the bloggers put together – which is typically used to inspire a look.
  5. – This blog features outfits from celebrities. It tells you who is wearing what, that the new trends are, and various styling tips (all accompanied by pictures of celebrities’ outfits).

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