Amsterdam Fashion

I recently went to Amsterdam and absolutely fell in love with the city AND the fashion. I even live in Paris, and thought the fashion in Amsterdam was so much better than the fashion in Paris – but I think that’s because Amsterdam fashion is more my style. And my friend also pointed out that Parisian Fashion is often ahead of everyone else, so I might just not be comfortable with the style here yet.

Anyway, everyone in Amsterdam looks like they stepped out of an Anthropologie or Free People catalogue. EVERYONE is wearing brown, black, or grey leather boots. Long sweaters and printed blouses were very popular as well. And the colors were very soft and dark – mostly consisting of grey, beige, black, lavender, light blue, moss green, and brown.

One thing that I thought was pretty cool was in the Red Light District, some stores replaced the rooms where the prostitutes stand and in these store windows, they had models posing like prostitutes in front of the doors. I thought this was very clever and very risqué for stylists to do. I wish I could have taken pictures there, but unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures in that area.

Here are 2 pictures of store windows in Amsterdam:




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  1. styletinerary

    Oh I agree (as much as I love watching the well groomed women in the Marais). Amsterdam is much more individual – less conformist. It makes sense when you consider the boundary-pushing culture as you note in your post. And Daryl Van Wouw is my fave Dutch designer. I saw him at Amsterdam Fashion Week in July and fell in love. Glad you had fun!

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