Lookbook Looks I Would Actually Wear

So by now you must know how obsessed I am with Lookbook.nu. But usually when I am picking photographs of my favorite looks, they’re outfits and styles that I think are amazing… but just not my style or not something I could pull off. The looks on lookbook.nu are crazy and creative but they’re not always something you could wear as an everyday thing.

However, here are some looks that I could definitely see myself wearing.


I want a leather jacket so so bad !! And I love this whole look with destroyed skinny jeans and black ballet flats. I have definitely worn some version of this outfit before.


Boots with long sweaters are my favorite things ever. And I love wearing boots with short skirts or dresses (but I usually wear tights also).


I really need to invest in a good blazer. And I love these wedges!


An all black tight fitted dress is the epitome of my wardrobe.


Converse, leggings, and a big scarf = one of my favorite and most comfy looks !! I probably wear leggings and kicks the most out of everything. I also need to find a good beret… especially now that I’m in Paris.

314565_Italy_2009_177Love pretty floral summer dresses.


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