My Two Favorite People In Competition


The other blog I post for Hills2City just posted a picture from comparing two of my favorite people and style icons: Lauren Conrad and Megan Fox. Both of them are wearing bright red lipstick.

Despite my complete confidence in Lauren Conrad as a fashionista, I have to say that i think Megan Fox pulled the red lip stick look off better. Personally, I think that red lip stick is suited more for brunettes than blondes. And also, Megan Fox looks a little vampiric in this picture… so obviously, I would like hers better.



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3 responses to “My Two Favorite People In Competition

  1. stylepint

    I agree that Megan Fox looks better. It’s always tricky to find the right shade of red for lips. Still looking for mine!

  2. sorry there is no competition. megan fox takes the cake over lauren conrad, without a doubt and you know it juj

  3. dailydialogues

    No doubt Megan Fox Rocks, Nice Blog Keep it up I Find one good Blog Here… I am big fan of her. I have found collection of her HQ wallpapers, at


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