Ali Carter’s Fall Wish List

September is quickly approaching which means my favourite fashion season is about to begin! As the weather begins to change, plush suedes and soft leathers will replace our sultry summer wardrobes.  Due to the heinous economy, it is important to make solid investments when shopping this season.  Instead of going on the back-to-school fashion sprees we are all so used to, we must make intelligent fashion choices this season.  Below is my fall fashion wish list.  I hope it inspires you to make chic, yet sensible choices for your new autumn wardrobe.

P.S. If you LOVE everything on the runway but don’t have the budget to splurge, go through your mother’s closet.  While scouring through old clothes of my mother’s, I found great blazers from the eighties and Balmainesque dresses with sharp shoulder pads.  I even found a beautiful high-waisted leather skirt that my mom had from her post-grad days!

Vince Leather Leggings – $895


Leather pants are so sexy!  I love this version from Vince because they don’t have any buttons or zippers, which means they must be extremely comfortable!  If you like the look but you’re on a budget, American Apparel makes shiny leggings for only $42 that comes in cool textures like Boa.

J.Crew Christiane ballet flats – $228

pic 2

Animal prints will be big this fall and I think accessories are the best way to show off these exotic patterns.  These ballet flats from J.Crew are cute and affordable.  I think they will look great with classic, tailored clothing.  I especially love animal prints with hot pink – it’s so sassy and fun when paired together!

DVF Fur Vest – $465

pic 4

I absolutely adore fur!  It is one of my favourite things in fashion along with Chanel quilted handbags and cashmere sweaters.  I love fur so much that I typically want to start wearing it as early as September (my friends typically try to refrain me from doing this).  This vest is perfect for the fall season!  I actually love it so much that I have already purchased it… My very first fall investment!  I think oversized vests are perfect for cool weather because they look great with skinny jeans and chunky sweaters.  This vest is particularly fantastic because of its Rocky mountain vibe and fur accents.  I also very much prefer vests to leather jackets which seem a little overdone this year.

Joie OTK Leather Boots – $525

pic 5

Over-the-knee boots are so hot for the fall! I love this pair by Joie because they’re flats.  While over-the-knee boots with heels are incredibly sexy, I think this more relaxed version of the boot is a lot easier to wear.  This hazelnut brown colour would look great with beige riding pants or wool shorts.  If you’re looking for something with a little sass and have a bigger budget, I love these boots by Manolo Blahnik:

J.Crew crewneck tee – $145

pic 6

A girl can never have too many cashmere sweaters!  J.Crew makes really classic sweaters at extremely reasonable prices.  Another place you can find cashmere at a great price is at second hand stores.  If you like a looser fit, rummage through your boyfriend or brother’s closet.  Chances are he’ll have just what you’re looking for.

– Ali Carter


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