Fall Fashion Trends

WhoWhatWear.com just posted an article predicting the top trends of this fall.

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The fall trends include platform pumps, razzle dazzle legs, chunky chockers, lingerie display, winter shorts, sculpted shoulders, slouchy overcoats, thigh-high boots, long-sleeve mini dresses and metallic mix-ups. See the website for more pictures.

Out of these trends my favorites are the platform pumps, long-sleeve mini dresses, thigh-high boots and lingerie display. Not a fan of the shoulder pads though but I do like that the 80’s are coming back. Rocker 80’s in particular. I think that was one of the greatest fashion eras.

Some trends I also foresee for the fall are blazers with cocktail dresses, not only slouchy coats but huge slouchy sweaters, and spikes and studs on bags and clothing.

Here is what WhoWhatWear.com had to say about their fall fashion predictions:

Generally speaking, we try to present balanced coverage on WhoWhatWear.com. By that, we don’t mean that we give all celebrities and designers equal exposure—clearly, there’s a point of view at work here—but we do strive for a certain accessibility in our stories. Typically there’s equilibrium: for every impossible-to-wear piece we mention, we’ll find a more forgiving one, and for every madly expensive item, we’ll suggest an affordable substitute. But twice a year we chuck all that fairness and just go for full-throttle fantasy. Today, dear readers, that biannual moment has arrived again, and we’re overjoyed to present our seasonal style preview! We hope you enjoy our edit of some of the boldest and best runway looks in Look Forward To: Fall Fashion Trends!

For a description on each of these trends, check out the rest of the article here.


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  1. claricea22

    what do you think of ankle boot wedges!?

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