Style Icon: Daisy Lowe

I recently came across a webpage that listed 20 of the Sexiest Rock Star Spawn. (Click here for the link – very interesting!) A few of them I didn’t recognize and Daisy Lowe was one of the. So I immediately did some research because her pictures were so beautiful AND I was surprised to learn that she was Gavin Rossdale’s 20 year old daughter.

Apparently, Daisy didn’t know she was Rossdale’s daughter until she was 16. And wife, Gwen Stefani, was not too thrilled about it. Daisy’s mother actually had an affair with Rossdale and Daisy was brought up believing that her mother’s husband was her biological father. Reminds you a little of Steve Tyler huh? What’s with these surprise rock star daughters?

Anyway, within a matter of seconds, Lowe became a huge style icon for me. She is a model (which I figured out pretty quickly) and has modeled for Chanel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and many other famous designers. She has also graced the editorials of almost every fashion magazine out there – Vogue, Nylon, Elle, Marie Claire, etc.

Perhaps I like her look so much because it reminds me of Lily Allen – very punk with an ‘I don’t care” attitude. She’s also very European looking with that certain “Je ne sais quoi” sex appeal. And Lowe almost always seems to have sex hair. She’s not afraid to use her sexuality and has posed in some very semi-pornographic photos. However, I’ll let you look those up on your own. Anyway, Daisy Lowe has become a big fashion inspiration to me – just by going through her pictures on the web. I have a feeling she’s going to become very popular in The States soon.









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5 responses to “Style Icon: Daisy Lowe

  1. claricea22

    i think you meant wife gwen stefani!

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  3. Katie Choi

    gorgeous girl. i totally see the lily-allen “resemblance.”

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