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Getting Ready For Paris

So I figured if I I’m going to be working in the fashion capital of the world and hopefully in the fashion industry, I should get a few things that are à la mode. So, I went on a shopping spree the other day and made a few purchases…

Wizard Cotton Dress from French Connection - $148

Wizard Cotton Dress from French Connection – $148. I actually bought this for my Spring Formal… thinking a little too much ahead….

The rest of the clothes are from Urban Outfitters.






P3290224This bag was on sale at Urban for $40 ! It’s amazing and they also have it in cream and black.


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Style Icon: Kat Von D

Kat Von D may not be your typical style icon – she doesn’t attend fashion shows or wear the latest designers but she is iconic in her own way. Instead of being stylish with her clothing, she is stylish with her body. Kat’s body is covered in elaborate tattoos – some designed by herself. Although more permanent, her style is definitely unique and different.

I personally like her facial tattoos – the stars on the side of her eye and the lightning bolt on her cheek. Each tattoo makes up an outfit for Kat… which will take a lifetime to finish. I’ve become a huge fan of her TV show LA Ink (on TLC) – I didn’t watch Miami Ink though. At first sight, you may think Kat is a hardcore “rocker chick” but once you watch the show, you realize how down to earth she actually is. Kat has also written a book “High Voltage Tattoo” which I want to read – it talks about her life, her tattoos, and even has her sketches in it.

Aside from her tattoos, I also love her hair – which she changes frequently. But it’s usually pitch black and layered (obviously I would love it). All in all, Kat Von D is a huge style icon of me.

Check out her webpages at It’s actually beautifully done.







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Emma Watson for Elle

Emma Watson’s new spread for Elle – absolutely stunning.

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A Few Free People Favorites

Free People came out with some amazing new stuff. I just got the catalogue in the mail and had to check out the website for more. They recently changed their website too – check it out at

Here are some of my personal favorites:





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Erin Lucas for Maxim

Erin Lucas recently posed for Maxim – I couldn’t find a real photo of the spread but here is one picture from the shoot: (taken from


Wouldn’t she make a great American Apparel Model?

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