Style Icon: Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is one of my all-time fashion icons. I love her boho chicness, her ‘just rolled out of bed’ hair, and ‘don’t care’ attitude. Perhaps it’s because I just saw her in Factory Girl, but she reminds me of the 60’s/70’s – kind of like a Holly Golightly character. She can just throw on any dress and heels, ruffle her hair, and walk out of her house looking amazing. It’s almost seems like doesn’t she care what she’s wearing – she just puts together anything – but you know she does care because it all looks good.

Actually, Sienna has her own fashion line with her sister Savannah called Twenty8Twelve (which is her birthday). Check out the collections at Her style and her collections are very “London”. Sienna was raised there (although she was born in New York City). And of course, I love her tattoo – the three starts on her shoulder. 

Sienna has a classic look – she’s not just a regular beautiful blonde. She’s also just not another actress who lets people style for her – she styles herself with her unique look and that’s why she’s such a fashion icon for me. 







Here are some more pictures of her that aren’t photo shoots:




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2 responses to “Style Icon: Sienna Miller

  1. Twenty8Twelve clothes are not only stylish and contemporary but very wearable. As you say they are very London but thats got to be a good thing seeing as London IS the centre of the fashion world 😉

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